Monday, July 23, 2012

See-Ya Long Hair!

Well I *FINALLY* decided that it was time to give my hair the old choppy-chop!  I have been letting my hair grow out for about 3 years now and I knew I wanted to cut it again but I kept going back and forth on how I wanted it.  Did I want to go just long enough that I could still pull it into a ponytail or short enough that I wouldn't even have to worry about the ponytail issue??  (By the way, I absolutely HATE the in between hair stage when only *SOME* of your hair goes into the ponytail.  I can't stand it!).

About a week and a half ago I decided it was time and I called and scheduled an appointment.  I have been having what I like to call "hair headaches" and I was getting tired of having to pull my hair up just so I could sleep well.  Also it was so long it was hard for me to do anything style wise with it so I always either had it down, up in a ponytail, or braided for our motorcycle rides.  Also, the whole point of getting my hair cut was so I could donate my hair to Locks of Love.  So I wanted to cut it for me and I wanted to cut it for LOL.

So without further adieu here are my before and after pictures.  Sorry they are kinda crappy...we were using my little Nikon and it didn't agree with the salon lighting.


My two ponytails to donate!

Me with my new cut and my hair donation :-)

I'm very happy with my decision to finally cut my hair!  And the fact that someone is going to have a killer wig made out of my hair! :-)  I can't wait to do this again someday (although right now it's not in my plans)!

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