Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fresh Herb Pallet Planter

I kept seeing all these images on Pinterest and on Blogs where people were using old pallets (or skids as my husband insists on calling them) and turning them into planters.  I showed Dylan some pictures and said I want one of these can you bring a skid home pretty please? :-)  And like the good husband he is, he brought me one home!  And since I'm an "okay" power tool user I made him help me accomplish this project.

So here's what it looked like when we started...

And here's what it looked like when Dylan was done with it :-)

Then I decided to stain it so it would be darker.

And I gave it a little paint love to label what herb was planted where.

And then I planted some seeds and prayed that my herbs would actually grow...otherwise it's just a jazzed up pallet!  Here are a few other shots of it finished!

Bella decided she wanted to help with the photoshoot

Some basil coming up

Some dill popping out

The only herb I planted that didn't grow for some reason was the mint....everything else is popping out and growing now, I'm just desperately trying to save them from the heat wave we have been experiencing the past week or so!

Let's just hope they last long enough that I can actually use some of the herbs in my cooking!

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