Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Heat Wave Effects

Just as I suspected!!  The weather sure did a number on my Fresh Herb Pallet Planter and only 2 of my herbs survived (basil..though that's not looking too good right now and oregano) the heat wave we had last week/weekend.  I was keeping an eye on the planter and making sure I watered the herbs and kept the soil and little baby herbs from drying out.  But my efforts failed and the heat won :-(

Here's what my planter looked like last week when I did the original post...

And here's what's left of it (I ended up pulling the dried up/dead ones cause they were just ugly looking).  Oh man that basil is looking decrepit!

Okay that's enough of the pity party for that.  I'll be picking up some herbs to replant to see if I can get some use out of them.  Now I have to decide if I want to start from seeds again, or if I should buy the already started ones (or however they explain those, ha!).  Guess I'll make that decision when I'm standing there in front of them.

Here's a happy picture of my  fuzzy cats and kittens that have bloomed :-)  I have no idea what those are really called...I'm just going by what Dylan's grandma told me they were when she gave them to me.

Did you have any garden/plant tragedies during the heat wave?

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  1. Oh Sara, I totally feel your pain! My tricycle herb garden was doing so well and the heat wouldn't
    allow the cilantro to come all the way up. It just would
    peak through and then die. Good luck!


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