Monday, July 16, 2012

Oh Saturday!

Dylan and I went to a local Amish School Sale Benefit on Saturday and ended up scoring some good deals.  We have been to one of these before but we NEVER went for the auction items...we were always there just to eat the delicious food!  This auction was BIG!! They had 5 different auction tents going at once and they were selling almost anything you can imagine!  Home decor items, brand new tools, used tools, plants and shrubbery, brand new handmade furniture, all kinds of antiques and of course handmade Amish quilts.  We had a bite to eat when we got there and then I went over to the home decor tent to sit with Dylan's Mawmaw, Aunt Tami (woo here is your shout out!!) and cousin Ashli.  They were there bright and early and already had a pile of things (bird feeders, birdhouses and a Lightning Glider sled).  I started seeing some things that I wanted so I made Aunt Tami bid on them for me (I'll admit it, I was scared to bid! Maybe next auction I'll get my own number to bid on items).  I ended up with two of these adorable Welcome signs and this pair of little crates that I plan on painting.

What I REALLLLLLY wanted was these half barrel shelves that look like the picture below.  They sold four of them and we were bidding on each one but they just went too high for what I was willing to pay.  We ALMOST won that last one but the auctioneer was trying to get a higher bid (I think we were at $35) and someone ended up snagging it from us.  Bummer!

Google Image

Meanwhile, Dylan was over at the tool auction checking things out.  He ended up seeing some things he wanted because he went and got himself a bid number.  We were texting back and forth, asking each other if we bought anything and how much we were spending.  I was "winning" with $12 spent and then Dylan text me and told me he spent $40 on some DeWalt drill bits, jigsaw blades and (SOMETHING ELSE??).  Later on he got a nice 24 foot extension ladder for about half of what we would have paid retail for it.

When Dylan was paying for his items I saw the list of the quilts that were being auctioned off.  They had a list of 325 handmade quilts.  They were in the process of auctioning those off when we left and I was tempted to go in that tent and have a look-see at all the quilts, but we were on our way out (which was probably a good thing!).

So after that adventure we decided to just hang out at home for the rest of the night.  We shot some rounds out of Dylan's pistol, made dinner then had a small little campfire and made some s'mores.  All in all it was a good day and we can't wait until we go to another auction!!

See how far the earplugs stick out of my teeny little ears!?!

I had the better grouping the first round :-)

Dylan just had a crazy trigger finger!

In this last picture I'm trying to figure out how to shoot the gun with both eyes open.  I just couldn't figure out how to use the sights with both eyes...haha! Something to practice!

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