Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday #21

Monday I posted a sneak peak about my Halloween costume...and here is another part to it.  

I'll be working with this navy blue fabric and my sewing machine tonight......anymore guesses??  But like I said before, I can't reveal it until after this weekend!

I'm still chugging away at this crocheted ripple blanket.

Remember I said I was having trouble with the stitches being spread out more than I would like them, so I took out 4 rows of work and tried it again??? Well it still wasn't right and I just couldn't figure out where I had gone I decided to just start a new section from scratch and then I'll figure out how to join the sections once I get as many rows as I need.  Sounds like a good idea now, but we shall see if that still holds true when I try to finish it!

I am 99% sure I'm finally going to cut into my Joy by Kate Spain charm packs tonight.  I have no idea why I just can't get the courage to cut them up, but time is a ticking and I need to get some stuff made!

And that about sums it up for now.  I'll leave you with a picture of my doggie, Bella chewing on a deer antler on her "spot" on the couch.

And YES, Bella has her own spot on the couch!  There is a blanket down so she doesn't drool or chew her nasty raw hides on our nice couch, and then she has about three or four others that she likes to be covered with when napping :-)

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Costume Sneak-peek!

I'm getting started on my Halloween costume tonight and here is what I'll be working with...

I can't give toooooo much away yet, but the finished product will be revealed this weekend.  Anyone have any guesses??

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday #20

Well not much to talk about here WIP wise, so instead I will show off my birthday present my AMAZING husband got me for my 26th birthday :-)

Please excuse Bella's bum.  She just had to check this out :-)

Ahhhhhh be still my heart!!  He surprised me with this 1890 Singer that is in working condition!! I couldn't believe it when I saw it.  I remember a few months ago I had mentioned to him that I would really like to have one of these in working condition, and SAY WHAT?!?! He actually heard what I was saying! ;-)  It's good to know he actually listens...sometimes (haha!).

Other than admiring this bad boy (or girl??), I haven't really accomplished anything sewing or crocheting wise this week, oh boo!  But my new toy is motivation to get some things done from my 100 Day Hustle list...just so I can play with this!

Until next time!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday #19

I've been chugging away at my crocheted ripple blanket at a nice pace, until last night.  I had finished another section of brown and moved onto the first row of the beige/tan section, but it just wasn't looking right to me.  The stitches seemed to be more spread out and not as tight as the first few sections. 
Sooooo I decided to pull out the five rows that I didn't like and I'm going to do them over again.  Not sure what happened though...maybe I missed a stitch somewhere??  Anywho, so this is where I'm at with it now.
Annnnnnnnnd since I pulled a whole section of brown out, this is the aftermath...
Just gonna pray this doesn't become an ugly mess while I try to reuse it!
I got my charms cut for the I <3 Kona Charm Swap all done and ready to be on their way.  You can check out my post about the charm swap HERE.
That's pretty much all I've worked on the past week.  Gotta get my bum in gear and work on my 100 Day Hustle list.  I'm hoping to cut into some of those Joy by Kate Spain charms this weekend!
  • Charms cut for Kona Charm Swap
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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kona Charm Swap

About a week ago I joined my second Charm Square Swap and I just LOVE the idea of this one.  This one is called the I <3 Kona Charm Swap hosted by Alyssa over at Pile O'Fabric.  The groups filled up fast and I'm glad I was able to get a spot!  I can't wait to build up my fabric stash with some Kona solids charms.

So here's the deal with this one...each person is responsible for getting two colors from the color group they were placed in, and then cutting the fabric into 56 charm squares.  I had to choose from different shades of purple and these are the colors I chose.

The darker purple on the left is called "Magenta" and the lighter purple is called "Lupine."  Now i know you are thinking "Isn't Magenta more of a pink?"...well that's what I think but this is Magenta according to Kona so we are gonna go with that. :-)

Once you have all the charms cut, they get sent off to the Charm Swap leader who sorts them and sends everyone their package back.  The great thing I found about charm swaps is you send in one (or in this case two) fabric(s) and you get back 56 different shades or prints!  Like I said earlier, it's a great way to build a fabric stash!  

I can't wait to get my package back and share the goodness I receive in return for cutting my two yards of fabric! :-)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday #18

Well it's Wednesday, so it's time to update what's been going on around here.

The only thing I've really worked on the past week is the pink/brown crochet Ripple Blanket.  It's coming along nicely for my first big crocheted work and I'm very motivated to get this finished, like, NOW!

Monday I received my charm pack from the Shades of Gray Charm Swap that was hosted by Ellie Q over at Color My World.  I haven't had the chance to look through all the different charm squares yet but when I do I'll be showing some of my favorites!

Last week I joined another charm swap, the I <3 Kona Charm Swap over at Pile O'Fabric.  

I Love Kona Charm Swap at Pile O' Fabric

I'm just waiting for my fabric to arrive so I can get the squares cut and in the mail.  Can't wait to get all the colors back from this one!

Lastly, I'm finally gonna tear into my two packs of Joy by Kate Spain charm packs to start working on some Christmas items (which are part of my 100 Day Hustle list!).  I was so excited when I bought these that I was putting off actually taking the packing off!  It's all so pretty!

I'm definitely making some mug rugs with these, but I'm thinking I might make some hand warmers as well.  I'm hoping to get into that this weekend.

Here's the round-up:

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