Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mail Call!

Woo-hoo!!  I got my KAM snaps and plier set from Simplifi Fabrics today!  Check them out on Facebook HERE.  I just ordered this on Monday!

I only ordered a set of 100 white snaps to get me started and if things go well I'll buy some more colors.  I decided to get one of these so I can make bibs along with my blankets and burp cloths.  
And I MIGHT just get adventurous enough and make cloth diapers as well.  I have a friend sending me some supplies and I'm going to *attempt* to make some cloth diapers for her and she's gonna let me know how things go.

I also got this in the mail today (even though the tracking information said it was delivered two days ago!!! what the heck were they holding my Amazon package hostage at the Post Office?!)

It's a 6 piece sewing foot set that includes a binder foot, an edgestitcher, and 4 different size hemming feet.  I have NO CLUE how to use any of these feet but I can't wait to try them all out!

I also got my "All-In-One Quilter's Reference Tool" Book.  I figured this would be a really good investment as a beginner and will be great to reference quickly instead of scouring the internet (which almost ALWAYS has me sidetracked on Pinterest for WAY too long!).

I just love when I get packages in the mail :-)  Now I'm off to get started on my Quilts for Kids Quilt which is already *past due*, yikes!  I need to get moving!

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