Monday, June 4, 2012

Have I Told You Lately... much I L-O-V-E clearance sections!!??!!  Look at what I found in those treasure filled areas this week. (Sorry for the less than stellar quality of pictures...I swear every time I try to take pictures of things outside it stinkin rains!  So I gave up and just took these pictures inside.)

I got two packs of these hexagon pre-cuts at Joanns for $6 a pack.  I saw the yellow and I just had to have it!  I  fell in love with yellow when I decided on it for my wedding colors (but I STILL do not like yellow cars, ha!).  What's best about these packs is that there is a quilt pattern printed on the packaging! SCORE!  This will certainly come in handy for me when I get around to this because I have no idea how to do anything with hexagons!

I also found these adorable Jelly Rolls for $6 a roll as well!  The fabric in these rolls are  just adorable!

I also had to make a trip to Wal-Mart (or Wally World as we like to call it) to pick up a few things and I ALWAYS look in the clearance sections when I'm there, you just never know what you will find!  Although I must say WM needs to keep their clearance items in their original sections.  I found the craft/fabric clearance at the front of the store in the aisle next to the pool cleaning supplies...good thing I pretty much walk through every aisle in WM when I'm there or else I would have never found this.  Anywho, I ended up getting all of this for $30!

Once again the jelly roll fabrics are awesome.  And of course I couldn't turn down the yellow in the super singles pack.

The only bad thing about finding all of this great fabric is that it will have to sit in my fabric bin for a while since I have some other things to finish first.  But I guess I'll take that as a good thing so I have time to prepare myself!


  1. loving your fabrics - what a bargain! I'm really enjoying seeing lots of brown and orange around now - which is strange because in the 60s my mother turned our whole house and the contents of my wardrobe into a brown and orange hell and I've really disliked those colours ever since. Maybe I'm just getting old and nostalgic? :)

    1. Oh my sounds like she did quite the overhaul! I've always liked oranges but never really with other colors until recently.


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