Monday, May 7, 2012

Wedding Card Display

My first wedding anniversary is in a week and I am FINALLY starting to go through all of our stuff!  I saved every card we received from the two Bridal Showers and the Wedding and luckily they were easily found when I started rummaging around in all our boxes and bins for them.  I saw this very cute way to keep and display your favorite cards using loose binder rings, but there were no real directions for how it was done (not that it looks that hard to do).  So I decided to figure it out for myself with our wedding cards, and honestly it's really super easy.  Like I could have had my 9-year-old niece or my 9-year-old sister-in-law do this for me :-).  And yes you did read that right...Dylan has a 9-year-old sister! Anywho here's how I did it.

First off, we had sooooo many cards from the bridal showers and the wedding that I decided to seperate them.  I'm working with the Bridal Shower cards in the pictures (the pile was MUCH smaller!).

Here is what you will need:
Your stack of cards
2 loose binder rings
Hole Puncher

I sorted the cards by size, putting the largest card on the bottom and the shortest card on top.

I wanted the cards to pile up and flip easily on the rings so I took the smallest card and centered it on the largest card, then chose where to put the holes for the rings.

I punched out the holes in the largest and smallest card and then continued the process with each card along the way.  I repeated with each card one by one but you could just eyeball it with each card.  I wanted the cards to all line up centered so that's why I took my time with it.

After I had all the holes punched in the cards I put them in order on the 2 loose binder rings, closed em up, and TA DA! A nice pretty way to display those wonderful cards.  I love how easily you can flip through the cards, and you can even open them and read each one!

We had sooooo many cards I ended up with three stacks!  One for the Bridal Shower cards and two for the wedding cards.

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