Tuesday, May 22, 2012

First Anniversary: Part 2

Since our First Anniversary was on Monday the 14th we planned to celebrate on Saturday the 19th.  I started the day off by running in the Mustang Gallop 5K event at West Perry High School.  Dylan (being the GREAT husband that he is) came along to support me.  Thank goodness he was there because this race was a tough one.  It was two laps around part of the cross country course and it had two large hills in each lap.  One of the hills was brutal (especially the second time around) and Dylan said everyone calls that hill "cardiac hill" because it is so tough.  I finished the 5K in 32:02 which is a pretty good time for me considering the course had four hills total and I didn't really prepare for that!

Coming up to the finish!

We had a little down time between my 5K and our date night so we watched some of his little sister's softball game and then we worked in the garden for a little before getting ready.

Dylan didn't tell me anything that we were doing except that we would be outside most of the afternoon/evening so I might want to take something warm in case it cooled off.  I tried to get him to spill what we were doing so I could dress better but he wouldn't so I just wore a black sundress and flip-flops.  We ended up going to one of our favorite places to eat Duke's Riverside Grill.  The food there is outrageously delicious and I can't go there without ordering one of their famous Crab Pretzels...they are sooooooooooo yummy!  It was such a nice day out so we sat out on the deck to eat.  While we were waiting Dylan pulled some paper out of his wallet and told me this is what we were doing after dinner.  I opened the paper and it was tickets to the local minor league baseball team the Harrisburg Senators.  The last time we went to a Senators game together was in 2008!  We had to park in the city and walk across to City Island but it was a beautiful day so it was a nice walk across the Walnut Street Bridge (and it was a lot easier to walk across than when I ran across it for the Running for Rachel 5K!).  We had great seats and it was such a perfect evening for a baseball game.

Here I am outside the stadium

Dylan and I during the game

We were enjoying the game and then between the 6th and 7th innings a Senators staff member came up to our seats and asked us if we wanted to participate in a couples game at the end of the 7th inning.  I looked at Dylan then looked at the staff member and was like "Ummmmm I'm wearing a dress!"  She told me it's okay that I would just be sitting down and Dylan would have to push me.  So of course I'm like "YEAH! We will do it!"  Dylan was less than thrilled but too late I already told her we would do it.  So we got to go down on the field for the couples game in which we had to run down the field to a toilet that was bolted onto a cart...yes you read that right..and I was wearing a dress!  Once we got to the cart I had to sit on the toilet and Dylan had to push the cart.  We didn't win the race but it was still fun and something to remember!  The Senators ended up losing the game 2-1 but it was a great game, and the opposing team's coach got thrown out!

All in all we had a great first anniversary and here's to many many more!

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