Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WIP Wednesday #16

Not much getting done around here.  But I have made a few more crocheted washcloths like this one.

And since I don't have anything else to show here are some pictures of me and my wonderful husband, Dylan and our doggie Bella! :-)

Dylan and I at the Jason Frye Memorial Motorcycle Ride.  Dylan was friends with Jason, who was a Marine that was KIA while serving in Iraq in 2005.  His parents and friends put on this ride each year to raise money that is going towards building a community center in his honor.

Canoe day trip during our "vacation"

Bella being brave and getting the in the water (she HATES being wet and she can't swim)

 And here's my round-up:


  • A few more crocheted washcloths

In Progress:

  • Quilts for Kids Quilt
  • Another Green Bay  Faux Chenille Blanket
  • Cow Fabric Project (half remains!)
  • Test out my new KAM Snap Plier set! (still haven't done this yet, pathetic, I know!)
  • Cloth Diapers
  • More scrubbies and washcloths

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  1. Your crocheted washcloth looks great! Love the colors! Looks like your dog had a great time fishing!

  2. Looks great! What stitch is that? I'm currently working on some cowls using a bobble stitch.


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