Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Scrubbie Dub Dub

I keep talking about all these scrubbies in my WIP Wednesday posts and I've had a few questions about them come through my email so I figured I'd write up a quick post about them.

Just to be clear, this pattern is NOT mine but it is available for free (woo hoo!) a few different places online.  Dylan's Aunt Tami (you are going to be famous!) found these on Pinterest and said how simple they were so I decided to make some.  She followed the pattern available HERE.  Now I'm going to be completely honest and tell you all that I can't read crochet patterns.  When I look at a pattern written out like that one (although this one isn't bad), it just looks like a bunch of jumbled letters, numbers and puncuation marks to me. 

So I went out and found THIS video tutorial on YouTube and followed it.  I'm a self-taught crocheter so it's much easier for me to watch someone while they are explaining it, rather than trying to read all that pattern jibberish.

I like making these scrubbies beause they are so quick and easy to whip up.  I like to crochet a bunch and then finish them all off at the same time.

Then one day while I was finishing some scrubbies, I thought that it would be nice to make matching washcloths to give with the scrubbies.  Then I found these ribbed washclothes over at Aesthetic Nest that match perfectly! 

Well, of course they match, both patterns use the same stitch!  The washcloths are quick to make as well, especially since you don't have to worry about the increasing and decreasing on every row.  Right now I only have two matching washcloths but JoAnn's is having a great coupon commotion next week, so I will be picking up the same yarns I used for scrubbies to make some matching washcloths.

I have started carrying around a small bag with my crochet hooks and some yarn so anytime I have a few minutes of time to spare I work on scrubbies or a washcloth.  So if you have some free time give these a try!  They are super easy and simple but you will fall in love with them and want to make millions!

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