Thursday, September 27, 2012

WIP Wednesday.....orrrr Thursday #17

Ummmm yeah I'm late...I know, I know.  But I have an excuse this time!!  

I had to take one of our cats,Mrs. Kitty, to the vet last night after I got home from work.  Her recent health is a loooooonnnng story, but I'll try to make it short.  After we moved last year she began losing weight.  She used to weigh around 15 pounds and now she's down to 7!  When I took her in May they did bloodwork and found that she had an infection in her mouth.  So we sent her in for a dental cleaning and they had to pull an infected tooth.  She gained a pound in the week after that visit but she hasn't gained any more back so I wanted to take her to get looked at again.  She will be on antibiotics for a few weeks (they believe there is an underlying infection in her mouth still) and then we will see how things are going after the antibiotics.  Here's a picture of Mrs. Kitty, the lover kitty who once you pet once will NEVER, EVER leave you alone :-)

Anywho, back to the real meaning of this post.  I skipped WIP Wednesday last week because, well I hadn't accomplished anything.  But I have a few things to report on this week!

First up!  I am participating in the 100 Day Hustle over at Kelsey Sews, so I have my list wrote out and I'm ready to get things moving!  You can see my To Do list HERE.

Last week I did manage to make two bibs from patterns I found on Pinterest and let me just say I need to submit my creations to that Pinterest Fail website.  I mean they look like bibs but when I went to figure out where the KAM snap should go on each one I noticed how stinkin' tiny the neck part was, so I didn't even bother finishing them.

That to me does NOT look safe enough to put around a baby's neck...might just be my opinion but that's what I'm sticking with.  I honestly don't really like many of the bib patterns out there so I think I'll just draw one up on my own, especially so I can make sure I like the size of the neck area.

I've started on my Pink/Brown/Beige crochet blanket.  I decided on a ripple stitch and Lucy over at Attic24 has a great tutorial on this crochet stitch.  She's so clear and makes it easy to understand (just remember I can't / refuse to learn how read crochet patterns...just show me already!).  I'm already liking the way it looks!

And that's about all from this week.  Here's the round up!

In Progress:
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