Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WIP Wednesday-13

Not much to report for my WIPs this week.  It must be summer winding down and things getting crazy around here.  Our next three weekends are full of events so I probably won't get much accomplish, which stinks.

I did manage to take apart the large border off the Quilts for Kids quilt that I sewed on upside-down...and that's all I did with that (it's sad...I know....really).  I reallllllly need to kick it in seriously.  Anyone want to give me a kick in the rear?? haha!

BUT I am still trucking away and making these wonderful crochet scrubbies.  They are seriously addicting to make!  Here are some pictures I took using Instagram (probably my favorite phone app!)

I just love the things you can do with Instagram!  If you are on Instagram you can follow me @saratyme26.  If you do you will see random pictures of my husband, my puppy, a few projects and some views from around where I live.

Also I have joined my VERY FIRST fabric swap! I have joined the Shades of Gray Charm Square Swap over at Color My World.  I ordered my fabric yesterday and I can't wait to get it all cut up and sent off so I can get a bundle back!

shades of gray button web

Anywho, here's the weekly round up!

  • More crochet scrubbies...I've lost count at this point :-)

In Progress:

  • Quilts for Kids Quilt
  • Another Green Bay  Faux Chenille Blanket
  • Cow Fabric Project (half remains!)
  • Test out my new KAM Snap Plier set! (still haven't done this yet, pathetic, I know!)
  • Cloth Diapers
  • More scrubbies!
  • Shades of Gray Charm Swap
As always, linking up to Work In Progress Wednesday over at Freshley Pieced...with this weeks guest host Rebecca from Pieces and Cream.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. You can never go wrong with scrubies! They are great stash busters and they help you keep things clean. The best crafts are the useful ones.

  2. Those are great scrubies, so colorful! Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday.


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